A Game of Words

  • Find & Eliminate Words
  • 4 Puzzling Modes
  • Longer Words, Larger Rewards
  • Tackle Tiles & Keep Your Tower Low

The SpellTower

How to Play

1 Required Organ

4 Single-Player

Tower Mode

No pressure here. Try and get the highest score possible out of 150 letters, eliminating small words to set up 7- and 8-letter blockbusters!

Puzzle Mode

Every word you make adds a new row of letters! Strategic word finding at its best.

Extreme Puzzle Mode

Like Puzzle mode, but with the minimum word length cranked up. Experts only!

Rush Mode

Rows of letters build up over time. Find words as fast as you can, but be careful you don't back yourself into a corner!

Debate Mode

*Via Bluetooth


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